Time to Dig Out the Middle School Diary…

If you’ve ever made the journey home and been forced to go through all your old things by your mom–jeez, mom–at one point during the “super bunk clean up,” (yes, my mom and I (respectively) both went to camp and still use this term to refer to any type of cleaning) you’ve probably stumbled upon your old middle school journals. Don’t lie, we all have them…some more than others. I can, without shame, say I have about seven. No matter the number, there is no resisting the urge to sit and read through every page, falling down the rabbit hole of laughing at the life-ending drama your twelve year-old self faced daily–Luke, if you’re reading this, you took up a lot of pages between November and March of 6th grade.

While I can’t say I’ve ever read through my own and thought, “You know what would be fun? Getting on stage and reliving my most awkward years in front of strangers! LOL!!” there are some brave souls who have; and they do. For Mortified.  

After unearthing their own written gems, founders Dave Nadelberg and Neil Katcher, tapped into one of our few universal truths: that everyone has a relatable awkward stage. Officially forming Mortified in 2002 in the hope of “crack[ing] the lid off our cultural shoebox, and expose[ing] our inner geek,” the show has gained national popularity, selling out performances all over the country. Participants can be total amateurs or professional performers–all sacrificing their “cool factor” in the name of public humiliation.

Should your inner middle schooler not be ready just yet to bear it all, buy tickets to see the show here. Bring the old friends you haven’t seen since the glory days, celebrate your past, feel at ease knowing that you too, were not alone in your failed quest to kiss with braces, and #sharetheshame. (Mortified Nation)


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