The Rules of the OTHER Road

escalator-etiquette-2Urban Dictionary defines Street Smart as a person who has a lot of common sense, who understands *da* streets (Ok, I totally just inserted the *da* myself but we all know you would say it the same way, maybe not out loud but…you would do it). But more than having common sense, street swag means knowing the proper etiquette of how to actually behave when walking said streets.

Somehow, despite New York being one of the most walkable cities in the country, people still don’t understand the idea of sidewalk etiquette. It means knowing to step to the right when going up an escalator and moving out the very center mark of the sidewalk when attempting to up your instaGAME and snap the perfect picture.  As a DC transplant, I learned street etiquette at an early age and just what can happen when the rules aren’t followed. The one single experience of being yelled at by a very elderly woman who didn’t think it was chill I was standing on the right side of the escalator, scarred me for life and I made a vow to myself that moment that I would n e v e r disobey the rules of the other road, *da* streets.

escalator 3

Thanks to an article this morning on Thrillist, you too, will never make the mistake again! Not only does this highlight where to take your parents if you’re lucky enough to have them come so they can pay for a dinner visit, it has a total breakdown of how to be sure you’re never me and yelled at for standing in the wrong place, all the time. Read it and never deal with the inner turmoil that comes from knowing an old person knows the rules of the road more than you do. (Thrillist)


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